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Northern Virginia Calf Implants in Washington, D.C., With Dr. Shlomo Widder

People adopt lifestyle changes and sometimes go to extremes to change things they perceive as imperfections when they gaze at their reflection in the mirror. Often, they pour this energy into diets and time spent in the gym to lose excess fat, gain more muscle, and look more toned overall. Some people manage to achieve all their cosmetic goals, but many who go through this familiar routine realize their age, genetics, or sex may have built an almost insurmountable wall along the way.

Trying to add more volume to their calf muscles is one of the pursuits many people will give up on if it seems impossible. It’s one of the most challenging areas to add more volume to because it’s one of the most fully developed muscle groups in the body. Some fitness experts believe because we spend so much time walking around and using our calf muscles, it may only be possible to add an average of 20% more muscle mass to them with regular weight training. For folks who want a more naturally looking boost of mass in their calves, plastic surgeons can safely augment them with implants.

Widder Plastic Surgery is a top plastic surgery practice for calf implants and body augmentation surgeries located in the Northern Virginia and D.C. metro area. Contact us today for a one-on-one calf implant consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Widder.

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What Is a Calf Augmentation?

A calf augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to bulk up the appearance of calves for a more toned or muscular appearance. Men often choose this procedure to enhance their calves for a more masculine look. Women often choose a calf augmentation with implants to create more aesthetic and attractive legs as well as  to sculpt calves so they look more harmonious with the thighs and other areas of the legs.

Calf implant materials are a semi-solid mass of silicone. Dr. Widder places them beneath the fascia (a thin layer of connective tissue surrounding the leg muscles). Implants are symmetrical in size and shape can be shaved down to create a more custom specific anatomical look or more dramatic results.

What Are the Benefits of Calf Implants?

Getting calf implants may benefit anyone who wants to enhance or reshape their calves’ appearance. There can be many different reasons behind this desire for a calf implant patient. For example, body builders often plateau while trying to add more mass to their calves. To achieve more toned, fuller calves, calf implants can be a great option.

Additionally, people with congenital defects or damage from illness or diseases, such as polio, may want to add mass and reshape their calves to restore them back to their natural look. Calf implants can enhance a person’s self-esteem, beef up skinny legs, or improve the appearance of a muscular imbalance.

What Is Calf Implant Surgery Like?

Every calf implant surgery begins with a thorough consultation to assess your goals and take measurements to select the correct implant size. After Dr. Widder designs your treatment plan, he will order your implants and schedule your surgery.

Surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll go home the same day, and usually takes place while you’re under spinal anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation medication. Once the anesthesia has taken effect and you are stable and comfortable, Dr. Widder will turn you face-down, then make small incisions in the creases on the backs of both knees. Depending on the desired placement, Dr. Widder will then create a pocket beneath the fascia and sometimes within the calf muscles. After placing the implants, Dr. Widder closes the surgical incisions.

Most patients take at least a few days off work to recuperate after their surgery. We’ll send you home with compression bandages and crutches you’ll need to use for the first week. The total recovery time is about four to six weeks.

Calf implants are an extremely safe surgery with very few risks. The procedure has decades of research behind it that also highlights an extremely low rate of complications. Calf implants are long-lasting medical devices and, in many cases, will not need future revision surgeries, though some patients do have them removed or replaced to achieve a different look.

How Does Dr. Widder Perform Calf Implant Surgery?

In many patient surveys we’ve done across more than three decades, one of the most common reasons people say they come back to Dr. Shlomo Widder is his extreme dedication to safety, quality of outcome, and patient care. A pillar of his treatment philosophy is treating plastic surgery as a partnership.

Dr. Widder shares his personal cell phone number with patients after surgery so they can get in touch with him 24/7 if there are any concerns. He also calls each patient the evening after their calf implant or other plastic surgery procedure to make sure any lingering discomfort is minimal and that the initial recovery is proceeding without any safety issues. If your calf implants are part of a larger cosmetic surgery roadmap, Dr. Widder will strategically schedule your work so your body has the best opportunity to heal and show off the results.


You are a great candidate for calf implants if you are in overall good health and:

  • Desire a fuller calf appearance
  • Have disproportionate lower legs
  • Lack calf definition or muscle

How Much Does Calf Implant Plastic Surgery Cost?

The cost for calf augmentation starts at $10,000 and up. This figure will vary for each patient depending on their individual needs and goals, so it’s best to have complimentary appointment for a surgery cost.

Other Considerations

There are two types of calf implant surgeries, the medial and inner. Typically, women desire either the medial or the inner because a single implant placement provides a subtle, smooth contour. Men and bodybuilders commonly seek both a medical and inner calf implant because it dramatically increases definition and fullness. Not only does calf implant surgery improve the shape and size of the calf but it brings proportionality as well. Strenuous activities such as, weight lifting, running, and hiking should be avoided for several months following your procedure. It’s also important to follow all post-operative care provided by your doctor. The end result creates a well-defined calf appearance.

Thinking About Calf Implants or Other Cosmetic Body Procedures?

Body augmentation surgeries are much like making a sculpture. It’s all about paying attention to the details of natural symmetry and all the beautiful lines and contours necessary to make your true femininity or masculinity radiate. Cosmetic body surgery is just as much about art as it about science and medicine. That’s especially true when it comes to sculpting a pair of calves, because the goals can be vastly different depending on each patient’s unique circumstances.

Talk to our team of calf augmentation experts at Widder Plastic Surgery to help shape your calf implant or greater body rejuvenation treatment plan. We’ll weave your desires into each step, from the consultation to the results.

Hablamos español! We proudly serve our wonderful Spanish-speaking patients in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland areas and beyond as a bilingual plastic surgery practice.

Widder Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in the Northern Virginia area just west of the Capital Beltway. Whether you live here or are traveling here, we’re easy to get to. Call us today at (703) 506-0300 or contact us through our website for your consultation.

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