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There are many reasons women choose to have breast surgery. The wear and tear of everyday life, starting a family, weight loss or gain, and medical necessity are some of the top ones. There’s also the simple desire to bring out or enhance a greater sense of femininity, and almost nothing does that like breasts that sit in perfect harmony with the rest of your figure.

Breast surgeries can be complex, and it’s smart to do your research on surgeons before you choose who will build your ideal treatment plan. You don’t want to select an inexperienced surgeon and be the guinea pig for them to learn on, and a surgeon who has little understanding of breasts’ intimate scaffolding and structures won’t be able to provide natural-looking results. Dr. Shlomo Widder is a renowned Washington, D.C., metro area breast plastic surgery expert with more than three decades of breast surgery experience and thousands of procedures under his belt. His specialties include breast augmentationbreast augmentation revisionbreast lift.

In this section of Widder Plastic Surgery’s website, we’ve assembled our best trustworthy information on the individual procedures that make up the three components of cosmetic breast surgery: breasts augmentations, breasts reductions, breasts lift, and breasts revision. Browse to learn what to expect, the cost of each surgery, and about the different approaches to each breast surgery procedure.

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

Some women have a simple, stand-alone breast procedure, while others choose to add complementary procedures such as a mommy makeover or a tummy tuck. Review each breast procedure page to learn how we strategically schedule more complex treatment plans to both ensure your safety and get you the best breast surgery results.

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