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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty—a surgery that reshapes and makes alterations to the nose—is the most performed facial plastic surgery in the U.S. At Widder Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to have been recognized as innovators and leaders in rhinoplasty surgery in the Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia area for more than three decades. Nose surgery is a deeply personal decision and journey, and because the results are so visible, it’s essential to do the surgery right.

A great rhinoplasty blends in with your facial features to create better symmetry and a brilliant harmony. When done right, a rhinoplasty reconfigures the focal point of all your interactions with other people and can contribute to a deep sense of self-confidence. Learn more about the approaches to rhinoplasty, what to expect, and how we do rhinoplasty differently at Widder Plastic Surgery.

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What Is a Rhinoplasty?

Often labeled a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that alters bone, cartilage, and skin to reshape the nostrils and nose. It’s often performed for cosmetic reasons because a patient is self-conscious about the appearance, size, or shape of their nose. However, there are several medical reasons a rhinoplasty may also be necessary. 

It’s a highly customizable treatment, and it should be conducted with your unique goals in mind. Dr. Shlomo Widder, our skilled plastic surgeon, is well known for his keen artist’s eye. Dr. Widder will focus on your goals and use them to build the perfect treatment plan. A good rhinoplasty won’t necessarily make your nose stand out, but instead, it should complement and not distract from the rest of your facial features.

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What are the Benefits of a Rhinoplasty in Northern Virginia?

There are some plastic surgery procedures that can improve both the form and function of certain areas of the body. Rhinoplasty is definitely one of those types of procedures. Many patients are often surprised to learn about the many health and aesthetic benefits offered by rhinoplasty. 

Aesthetically, a rhinoplasty may be used to change a patient’s nose:

  • Size
  • Symmetry 
  • Nostrils that are oversized or misshapen
  • Bulbous nasal tips
  • Droopy, upturned, or slanted nasal tips
  • Nostril position
  • Humps or dips on the bridge
  • Straightness

One of the most common physical health benefits that patients report after rhinoplasty is improved sleep quality. This can occur for a number of reasons, including a reduction in snoring, improving the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, and improving breathing and airway efficiency. Restructuring the nose with rhinoplasty may also reduce the severity and occurrence of certain types of sinus issues. Alterations to the spaces in your nasal passages can help reduce pressure and slightly change areas where bacteria like to gather and cause sinus infections.

There are also many profound emotional and mental health benefits that may occur after someone has a rhinoplasty. For more than three decades, we’ve seen many times how a rhinoplasty has quite literally changed a patient’s life by improving the way they felt about themselves.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery Like?

Because each rhinoplasty treatment is specific to each patient, the journey beings with a thorough, one-on-one consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. A review of your medical history and an exam are completed to make sure you’re a healthy candidate for surgery. The exam is also used to assess skin thickness, the strength of the cartilage and bone in your nose, and how nose surgery may affect your breathing. Photographs are taken from multiple angles for further assessment by Dr. Widder. At our practice, we also focus heavily on patient education and ensure you understand what to expect every step of the way.

On the day of your rhinoplasty, the surgery will be performed with local anesthesia and IV sedation medication or under general anesthesia. There are two basic approaches to rhinoplasty, referred to as open or closed surgery. An open rhinoplasty tends to be more invasive and is used to make more precise alterations to the patient’s nose. In contrast, closed rhinoplasty may be used to make changes to the nose’s bridge and minor modifications to the size or shape. An open rhinoplasty requires three small incisions—two inside the nose and one along the tissue between the nostrils. A closed rhinoplasty requires two small incisions inside the nostrils. Before the surgery is complete, the septum and cartilage inside the nose may be altered to improve breathing.

We will send you home with detailed post-op instructions after an observation period. Splints inside and outside your nose, bandages, and packing inside your nose may be used during the initial stages of your recovery. Most of your recovery will be completed within a few weeks, but it may take up to a year for everything supporting your nose to settle and reveal your final results.

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Best Candidates

Rhinoplasty offers many benefits to patients looking to enhance their facial appearance. This procedure can be performed at any age, however, it is suggested that children and teens wait to undergo this procedure until their facial growth is complete. Good candidates for rhinoplasty may have any of the following nasal issues:

  • A disproportionate nose
  • Deviated septum
  • Enlarged nasal tip
  • Excessively flared nostrils
  • Crooked or off-center nasal bridge

Other Considerations

Following surgery, patients can expect to have swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes for approximately 2 weeks. Patients will need to keep their head above their chest to help improve swelling. Congestion is also common following rhinoplasty and may be caused by the splints and nasal packing worn the first few days post-surgery. After removing the splints, patients will be able to see and admire their newly shaped and contoured nose.

How Does Dr. Widder Perform Rhinoplasty?

During a rhinoplasty or any other type of plastic surgery, your safety, comfort, and the quality of your results are Dr. Shlomo Widder’s top priorities. Whenever possible, Dr. Widder prefers the open rhinoplasty approach because it allows him to better measure and analyze your nose’s tissue and structures. It’s not necessarily superior to the closed method, but it often allows for more detailed surgical work. To make it even safer, Dr. Widder also uses an advanced cartilage spreader graft technique, which can prevent several cosmetic risks associated with nose surgery and make your results look even more natural.

Dr. Widder’s partnership with you as a patient extends beyond the consultation and surgery too. He calls each patient the night of their surgery to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t have any issues that need addressing. He will also make himself available to you via cell phone 24/7 in case something comes up.

Widder Plastic Surgery is a bilingual practice. Hablamos español! If you want to see some of our facial plastic surgery work, browse our before-and-after photos of real patients.

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