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When you have a breast augmentation consultation, your plastic surgeon will inform you that breast implants do not last a lifetime. However, many of Dr. Widder’s patient have their breast implants for over 20-30 years. While many breast implant manufacturers do provide a warranty for their products that cover them for your lifetime, they won’t cover the costs if surgery is needed to replace them after about ten years.

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Breast revision and implant replacement is a highly personalized procedure. The treatment path for it is shaped around your specific goals so that you get the look, shape, and feel you desire. Whether you’re thinking about a breast revision surgery for personal or medical reasons, we invite you to read on to learn more about Widder Plastic Surgery‘s approach and what you should expect throughout your journey.

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What is Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Breast revision and implant replacement surgery, sometimes called a breast augmentation revision surgery or simply breast revision surgery, is used to fix and improve the results of an initial breast augmentation surgery while replacing defective breast implants with newer ones. It’s often done for personal or medical reasons though, it is a myth that you have to replace breast implants within 10 years.

Most patients have the procedure because:

  • They’re experiencing discomfort caused by scar tissue surrounding their implants (known as capsular contracture)
  • They want to change the size and/or shape of their breasts
  • It’s medically necessary to remove implants because of a rupture
  • They want newer or implants made from a different material. 

Many breast revision patients choose not to have new implants inserted after having them removed. While the breasts may recover to a natural shape overtime on their own, choosing a breast lift after an implant replacement procedure can help reshape the breasts without requiring implants. 

What Are the Benefits of a Northern Virginia Breast Revision or Implant Replacement?

Medically speaking, a breast revision and implant replacement can improve mental and physical health by:

  • Relieving moderate to severe pain caused by capsular contracture, a condition that causes the scar tissue—called the capsule—around an implant to tighten and become hard.
  • Replacing breast implant distortions and deformities caused by capsular contracture.
  • Replacing an implant or implants that have ruptured.
  • Addressing changes in breast tissue above or below the implant or surrounding the breasts.
  • Flattening rippling or visible wrinkles in the breasts caused by improper implant placement where there’s not enough tissue beneath the implant. This procedure is called a capsulorrhaphy, or internal bra.
  • Zeroing in a more proper implant shape, size, or volume for the patient.
  • Correcting symmastia and synmastia, somewhat rare conditions in which breast implant pockets merge or grow too close together.

These are among the most common reasons patients choose to have revision breast surgery. Still, many patients are also simply unhappy with previous breast augmentation when they elect to have a revision procedure. Dr. Widder has helped countless patients with a wide variety of issues gain the results they deserve.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Widder as My Breast Revision Surgeon in Vienna?

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What to Expect from Breast Revision Surgery in Washington D.C.

Our team will provide you with a detailed summary of what to expect throughout the process. You will know more about your procedure after you meet with Dr. Widder in a consultation, but here’s a simple snapshot of a typical surgery timeline:

To promote better healing and to ensure your safety, you’ll want to quit using tobacco or have a plan to quit several weeks before your procedure. We may also ask you to schedule a mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI with your primary care physician.

In general, breast revision and implant replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be in a restful, sleep-like state the whole time. The entire procedure takes anywhere from about an 1 ½ to 4 hours, depending on the operation’s details.

Recovering patients should expect the following:

  • You’ll require a ride home from the surgical appointment.
  • You’ll need help around the house for the first 1-3 days.
  • You must avoid stretching, lifting, or strenuous activity.
  • After a week or two, most patients are able to return to jobs that aren’t too physical.
  • Swelling, bruising, and tenderness will be present for about 2-3 week and will gradually subside.
  • Prescription pain relief medication may be used at first, with a transition to over-the-counter pain meds shortly thereafter.
  • The entire recovery time will take approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • Final results should be visible within a few months.

Make sure to follow any post-op instructions we give you immediately after your procedure and after any check-ins we schedule to ensure your safety, comfort, and the best results.

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Choosing to partner with a cosmetic surgeon who will listen to your desires, address your concerns, and consider your best interests can pay dividends when it comes to the results of your breast revision and implant replacement surgery.

Dr. Shlomo Widder is a skilled and recognized breast surgery expert who is always up to date on the latest materials and breast revision surgery techniques. Boost your confidence, enhance your body’s natural contours, and truly fall in love all over again with the person looking back at you in the mirror. Get us in your corner and help us build the best breast revision and implant replacement plan for you today.

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