Which Breast Surgery is Right for You? Explaining Augmentations, Lifts and Reductions

What’s the difference between breasts augmentation, breasts lift, and breasts reduction? Which is the best option for you? It all depends on your desired results. If you want larger breasts, breast augmentation might be more of what you’re looking for. If you’ve had children and find that your breasts are beginning to sag after breastfeeding,… Read More »

Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for A Bikini-Ready Summer Body

Summertime is approaching quickly and with it comes warmer weather, less clothing, and trips to the beach. To prepare for those itty-bitty bikinis, it’s time to hit the gym and lock the pantry, but even after hours spent on cardio or weight training, there always seems to be those trouble areas on the body where… Read More »

Lo Que Necesita Saber Sobre el Aumento de Glúteos en Virginia

Aumento de Glúteos Mirando las partes posteriores mejoradas de muchas celebridades y estrellas de reality, puede parecer que un levantamiento de glúteos brasileño es un procedimiento seguro y de bajo riesgo. Sin embargo, éste no es el caso. Además de ser una de las formas más populares de aumento de glúteos, BBL también es la… Read More »

Butt Augmentation Northern Virginia

Do you ever wish you had a butt like your favorite celebrities? A full, beautiful derriere is possible through the surgical magic of butt augmentation. Northern Virginia based doctors such as Dr. Widder are famous for their butt enhancing surgeries.  Implants Perhaps the most effective procedure applied to bring volume to the buttocks area is through the use… Read More »

Breast Asymmetry

Q: I have slightly asymmetrical breasts. When I originally told my plastic surgeon, he said the asymmetry was minor, and that he did not recommend using two different sized implants. At my pre-op appointment, he said that we could use 304 and 339 natural style 15 implants to try to even them out. I am… Read More »