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Northern Virginia Breast Lift in Washington DC by Dr. Shlomo Widder

One of the most exciting trends in plastic surgery today is the breast lift procedure’s rising popularity. According to industry data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the growth in the year-over-year number of patients choosing a breast lift as their preferred breast enhancement surgery continues to rise steadily.

A breast lift rejuvenates sagging, droopy skin on and around the breasts, restoring them to a more youthful position and appearance. It can also correct nipple positioning and the appearance of areolas that may have become stretched out or asymmetrical over time. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shlomo Widder, a Northern Virginia breast lift expert, regularly performs breast lifts at Widder Plastic Surgery. Patients from all over the Virginia and Washington DC areas prefer Dr. Widder because of his dedication to patient safety and outstanding results. 

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What Is A Breast Lift?

Like any other part of the body covered in skin, breasts succumb to life changes and the natural aging process. The skin and its structural elements that keep breasts firm and perky, such as elastin, will break down throughout a person’s life.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure used to:

  • Reshape the breasts’ contours
  • Lift the breast up to a more youthful position
  • Remove loose and excess skin
  • Restore breast firmness
  • Change the appearance of the nipples and areolas

The breast lift procedure is not designed or meant to produce the same results as a breast augmentation. Rather than increase the volume and projection of your breasts, a breast lift instead counteracts the effects of gravity, extreme changes in weight, and some of the damage your body experiences from pregnancy and raising children.

You can choose to combine the benefits of a breast lift and breast augmentation though a procedure called breast augmentation with lift. In this procedure, Dr. Widder uses round, smooth (unlike anatomical or gummy bear implants), and moderate profile saline breast implants, a type that he has found to be by far the most beneficial to the patient. There is no malformation of breast shape if round implants move within the pocket, and they are also very safe to insert.

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What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is usually done for cosmetic reasons, but there may be some physical health benefits from having one performed too. Some of the benefits of a breast lift include:

  • Restored or a new sense of self-confidence
  • A deeper sense of femininity
  • A more pleasing placement of the nipples and areolas
  • Excess skin removed to dramatically improve the appearance of sagging breasts
  • Reduced discomfort caused by loose and sagging skin
  • Some patients report relief upper back and neck pain from breasts sitting more naturally on their frame
  • More firm breasts
  • Better breast symmetry

A breast lift may be performed as part of a breast revision surgerymommy makeover, breast reduction, larger aesthetic rejuvenation plan, or as a standalone surgery. However, Dr. Widder limits multiple procedures at the same time if they compromise patient safety.

Why Choose Dr. Widder for My Northern Virginia Breast Lift?

The most important consideration about any of the work we do at Widder Plastic Surgery is the patient. We are a patient-centric practice, prioritizing your safety and results above all other details. Some of the ways that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shlomo Widder implements this into his treatment process include:

  • Widder calls each patient the night they have their breast lift surgery.
  • Widder and the staff follow up with each patient in the days after their surgery to ensure at-home safety and to make any adjustments to improve results and comfort.
  • All surgical consultations are done with Dr. Widder and focus on patient education.
  • You can check out breast lift before and after photos of Dr. Widder’s plastic surgery work on our site and during your consultation.
  • Widder makes himself available to patients 24/7 after surgery so they can reach out if there are any concerns.
  • Nosotros hablamos español!

Who you select for your breast lift is an important decision. We’re honored by the trust our patients place in our hands and strive to make their plastic surgery experience wonderful in every aspect, from the initial consultation until the moment you fall in love with your reflection in entirely new ways.

What’s a Breast Lift Recovery Like?

The healing process is different for every patient. The wound healing is 3-4 weeks and it will take 2-3 months for the breasts to completely settle.

Immediately after your surgery, you’ll be sent home with some bandaging and gauze covering the surgical site. You will have to wear a support bra to protect the wounds. Drains are rarely used when excessive bleeding is noticed during surgery.

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You’ll likely experience the most discomfort during your recovery in the first of couple weeks. There will be some residual pain and may be some bruising near your incisions, but prescription or over-the-counter pain medications can be used to relieve this. You’ll want some help around the house for just about everything the first 7-10 days, and you’ll want to avoid most bending, twisting, stretching, and lifting for at least a couple weeks. Over the course of the first weeks and with Dr. Widder’s approval, you can gradually resume more intense activities, ranging from light walking at first to resuming a normal workout routine when it’s safe.

The results of a well-planned breast lift surgery and recovery will last many years. Make sure you partner with a plastic surgery practice and a team of real experts who can guide you safely through the process and get you the best results. Dr. Shlomo Widder is an industry-recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon with thousands of breast surgeries under his belt. Schedule your consultation with him today to learn about all your breast lift and breast surgery options!

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in Washington DC?

Many factors affect cost when developing a breast lift treatment plan. Each patient is unique and will require a unique approach to meet their goals. Because of this, there isn’t a single set price for the procedure. Dr. Widder and his team will provide you with a detailed estimate after properly evaluating you in consultation.

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