Advantages of Getting Plastic Surgery in the Spring

There are advantages to having plastic surgery during any season. In the summer, all of the major holidays have passed, meaning that your social obligations can be rescheduled. The weather in the East Coast is humid and sticky, allowing you a great excuse to stay inside in the cool air conditioning. In the late fall… Read More »

Mini Breast Lift McLean

Mini Breast Lift in McLean, Virginia If you’ve noticed that your breasts are starting to droop and that your nipples aren’t quite as high as they once were, then a mini breast lift McLean can offer an ideal solution. Continue reading to learn all about a mini breast lift, including treatment benefits and how the procedure and scarring… Read More »

All About Mommy Makeover

All About Mommy Makeover in McLean Northern Virginia Despite their best efforts, many women are unable to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. This is especially true for those that experience sagging or deflated breasts, stretched-out skin, separated abdominal muscles, and diet and exercise resistant fat deposits. That’s where mommy makeover McLean comes in! Continue reading to… Read More »

Wendy Williams Talks Tummy Tucks and Coronavirus

Wendy Williams Talks Tummy Tucks If you’ve put your plans for a tummy tuck in McLean, Virginia on hold, you are not alone.  Talk-show host Wendy Williams recently revealed that she had to cancel her breast lift due to coronavirus precautions. Continue reading to find out what Wendy had to say about the coronavirus pandemic… Read More »