Preparing Yourself Mentally for a Body Contouring Procedure

“I wish I had the body I had back then.” It’s a common phrase uttered by women and begrudgingly thought by men. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to get rid of certain areas of fat. Even frequent exercise oftentimes isn’t enough, but thanks to body contouring procedures, it’s possible to obliterate those stubborn areas that might be less than appealing. 

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery that can allow you to achieve your ideal look. With any surgery, it’s completely natural to experience some fears, anxieties, and concerns about what to expect from your procedure. Whether it’s a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, or minimally invasive liposuction treatment, it’s important to be physically and mentally prepared.

What is Body Contouring?

A great first step in preparing yourself mentally for a body contouring procedure is to understand what body contouring procedures actually do. You can do this by conducting your research through a reliable, board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist to ensure that your information is reliable. You can ask them to be as specific or general as you would like so that you can gain trust and understanding with your doctor and the procedure.

By ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure you will be undergoing, including risks, results, the recovery process, best practices for aftercare, and any sacrifices that you will need to make, you may be able to ease some of the anxiety that comes from the unknown. We don’t walk into a test without studying the material first. By studying, you come prepared for any and all outcomes. 

Be Realistic About Your Expectations

In order to mentally prepare yourself for any cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be realistic and honest about your expectations with your doctor and with yourself. Dr. Widder is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over thirty years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery. With his impeccable attention to detail, he will help guide your expectations to your ideal figure. His main priority at all times is the overall satisfaction and safety of his patient. Be sure to discuss your expectations and have a clear understanding of the procedure, recovery, and outcome by bringing any and all questions to the consultation.

Prepare for Recovery

No matter what kind of surgery you will be having, there will definitely be a post-operative recovery period. Knowing you have everything ready for your recovery and visualizing yourself recovering may put your mind at ease and prepare you for the procedure itself. The follow-up care involved after your cosmetic surgery will be specific to your chosen procedure. You may need to prepare a ride home, at-home care, pain management protocols, and follow-up visits. 

Ask your plastic surgeon for a time that you can contact them from home with any questions or concerns that might arise about managing pain, quickening healing time, and overall concerns.

Schedule a Consultation

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