Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

Many women are choosing to undergo breast reductions for a variety of different reasons, primarily to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain, general discomfort, inability to find clothes that fit, and any skin irritations due to moisture retention. Women often complain of bra straps leaving indentations in the shoulders due to breast weight. To have some of those issues resolved seems awfully appealing, but not the scarring that accompanies any kind of surgical procedure. 

While breast reductions cannot be scarless, as no surgeries are, Dr. Shlomo Widder’s expert techniques, attention to detail, and over 30 years of experience and practice allow him to perform breast reduction surgeries with very minimal scarring.

Techniques and Attention to Detail

Dr. Widder’s top priorities are the safety and overall satisfaction of his patients. For over 30 years, he has been mastering his technique in the art of plastic surgery and has created methods to significantly minimize the appearance of scars after a breast reduction surgery. During your consultation, he will guide you through his techniques and provide you with the tools necessary to reduce scarring in your at-home care.

Along with his experience, his attention to detail while performing surgery not only leaves the patient with minimal scarring, but the patient also walks away with the expectations they desire. Dr. Widder’s goal is to perform a minimally invasive treatment that meets the exact needs of his patients by easing discomfort and producing a natural-looking form. Through Dr. Widder’s technical approach, every procedure is conducted with the goal of creating minimal scarring while ensuring the safety and efficacy of the operation.

Expert in His Field

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Widder utilizes his years of experience and expertise to perform many different invasive cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. One of Dr. Widder’s most popular offerings to his patients is breast reduction surgery. Patient safety, quality of service, compassionate care, and natural-looking outcomes are his top priority. During your consultation, Dr. Widder will discuss the difference between his techniques and help you determine which is best for your needs and goals. 

Regardless of what breast procedure or technique you choose, your surgeon will need to make an incision of some kind- and that incision will leave a scar. While Dr. Widder cannot guarantee that the breast reduction surgery will leave no scarring, through his expert technique and years of experience, he will help educate his patients about proper aftercare procedures to ensure that the scarring is minimal. 

By taking an active and realistic approach to scar maintenance, the chances of minimal scarring are significantly higher. This can be achieved by avoiding direct sun exposure and applying sunscreen and vitamin-e creams to the affected area daily. If you’re interested in pursuing a stronger grade topical cream, then be sure to discuss that option with Dr. Widder.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery in Northern Virginia, the next step is to schedule a consultation at our office here. We look forward to speaking with you soon!