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When Is the Best Time for Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss?

Losing a significant amount of weight with diet and exercise or even bariatric surgery requires tremendous dedication. Unfortunately, many people who have lost excess weight struggle with folds of loose, hanging skin on their abdomen, arms, back, thighs and breasts. This unwanted, stretched skin can conceal the shape you’ve worked so hard to finally achieve.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, you might feel as if you can’t experience the full benefits of your weight loss. Body contouring procedures eliminate excess skin and, in some cases, tighten the skin to accentuate your new shape. Timing your post-weight loss body contouring is vital. In this post, Dr. Shlomo Widder will explain the criteria you must meet before proceeding with this elective surgery.

Your Current Weight Should Be Stable

You should delay your body contouring procedure until you’ve reached your goal weight and maintained it for at least six months. Undergoing body contouring while your weight is fluctuating could compromise your aesthetic results. It is best to wait until your weight has stabilized, you’ve developed healthy eating habits and a sustainable exercise routine, and reached your goal weight. That way, additional weight fluctuations won’t alter your results and Dr. Widder can create a customized treatment plan.

You Are in Good Physical and Mental Health

The best time to consider a body contouring procedure is when you are physically and mentally healthy. You shouldn’t have any health concerns or risk factors that could put you in danger during surgery or create complications while you recover. You will need to get a clean bill of health from your primary care doctor before being eligible to undergo elective surgery. Also, if you had weight reduction surgery, and over the age of 45, or have medical issues.

Additionally, it’s essential to sustain a positive body image throughout your weight loss journey. If you suffer from body dysmorphia or any other mental instability that causes you to feel negative about your self-esteem, you may not have realistic expectations when pursuing a body contouring procedure. Speak with a licensed therapist and practice positive self-talk daily to prepare yourself for the changes that will occur after this surgery.

You Are Ready for Your Recovery

Another critical aspect when timing your body contouring procedure is ensuring you are ready for the recovery ahead. That means requesting an appropriate period off work, being financially prepared for that break, having a support team to help you while you heal, and ensuring someone can take care of responsibilities such as household chores for the next week to two weeks after your procedure.

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