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Two Types of Rhinoplasty Explained – Cosmetic vs. Functional

It may come as a surprise to learn that not all nose surgeries are the same or done for the same reason. Patients considering a rhinoplasty procedure often ask if cosmetic rhinoplasty, which is designed to change the shape or size of the bridge, nostrils, or other structures can be combined to treat the functionality of their nose to improve their breathing.

At Widder Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shlomo Widder has been performing reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for over 30 years. His extensive experience has equipped him with the skill and knowledge to conduct the most complex rhinoplasty procedures for both cosmetic and function of the nose.

What Is Functional Rhinoplasty?

Most people know rhinoplasty as a “nose job” and understand that it involves changing the appearance of someone’s nose through plastic surgery. However, another common reason for seeking out a rhinoplasty is to improve the function of a person’s nose. Generally, patients pursue functional rhinoplasty because their septum is misaligned or curved due to natural development or because of a traumatic injury pushed it out of alignment. On its own, the procedure for straightening the septum and removing the blocking part of it is known as a septoplasty. Positioning the cartilage so that it sits properly instead of at an angle or protruding and blocking the nasal airway will allow air to move more easily through each nostril.

What Is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

Many patients who come to Dr. Widder wish to enhance or correct the physical appearance of their noses. Patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty often cite asymmetry, size, or shape as their primary reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery. Correcting areas of the nose can help the entire nose fit better with the rest of the face, such as the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Cosmetic nose surgery has been known to dramatically increase a patient’s self-confidence, but it’s important to remember that nose surgery doesn’t guarantee that your looks will match your ideal appearance. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Widder, you can set appropriate expectations and ensure rhinoplasty is the proper procedure for you.

Why Pursue A Rhinoplasty?

Both types of rhinoplasty can be tremendous solutions for patients who have either a cosmetic or functional issue with the form or function of their nose. A visible asymmetry can cause somebody to want it corrected through cosmetic surgery, but a misaligned nose structure can impair breathing and make life difficult. In many cases, functional correction of the nose creates a more physically-appealing look as well.

Which Rhinoplasty Is Right For You?

Whether you’re seeking improvements in the functionality or appearance of your nose, the most important step you can take is finding a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. Dr. Shlomo Widder offers outstanding patient care, skill, and an unbeatable record for safety. If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty for the function and/or appearance of your nose, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation.

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