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Tips for Choosing the Best Breast Implant Size for You

Choosing breast implants can be one of the biggest and most challenging decisions when planning your breast augmentation. Considering the variety of different breast implant types and breast implant shapes, picking the right one can feel incredibly overwhelming. To simplify the process choose the doctor with the most attractive photo gallery and follow their recommendations.

At your pre-operative consultation with Dr. Shlomo Widder, you will be able to review before and after pictures and discuss the preferred size and shape of your breasts. In the meantime, here are a few tips to choosing your breast implant size before your consultation.

1. Remember That Implant Size Is Not the Same as Cup Size

Implants are measured differently than bra cups. They are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and for every 175-250 ccs, you can expect to go up one to one cup size. This varies based on your chest circumference measurements in inches and the brand of bra that you prefer. During your consultation, Dr. Widder will make recommendations about what implant sizes will help you achieve the cup size you want, but he will listen carefully to your suggestion.

2. Take Your Body Type into Account

Most women want their implants to look as natural as possible. The key to having natural-looking implants is choosing a size that fits your body type. A short, petite woman can achieve a full, natural look with a small implant size compared to a woman with a taller and wider frame.

Choosing a size that complements your figure can also save you from back and shoulder pain linked to having too large of breasts.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

In addition to your body type and frame, you’ll also want to deeply consider the type of life you lead. Think about how active you are. While it’s possible to continue your favorite sports or exercise routines, including running, with larger breast implants, larger breasts might make activities more difficult or uncomfortable than it would be with smaller implants.

4. Think About Your Personal Style

In addition to your frame and lifestyle, you should also think about your personal style. Augmentations will affect the way that your tops, dresses, and swimsuits fit. If you like to go without a bra or enjoy wearing tops and dresses that make it difficult to wear a bar, smaller implants are likely a better choice. If you prefer dresses or tops that require a bigger bust to fill them out, you might be more inclined to pursue larger implants.

5. Consider the Future

Most breast augmentation implants last up to 10-30 years before they will need to be replaced, due to deflation over time or biofilm. When choosing your breast implant size, think about how you imagine your life in 5 to 30 years. Do you think your implants will still fit your lifestyle?

Learn More About Breast Augmentation at Your Consultation with Dr. Widder

At your consultation, Dr. Widder will discuss which breast implants size will fit your frame and help you achieve the figure you’ve always dreamed about. Call us at (703) 506-0300 or contact us through our online form today!