Meet Dr. Widder, Board – Certified Plastic Surgeon

My name is Dr. Widder. I’ve been in practice for 30 years, I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon. I perform my surgery in my accredited surgery center in Tysons Corner, Vienna, Virginia.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s very important that you select the right plastic surgeon for you. Not every plastic surgeon can deliver to you what you’re looking for. The most important that that you look in a plastic surgeon is your safety. A lot of surgeons can perform the surgery, but some of them try to deliver excessively, putting your safety at risk. Your safety is number one.

How do you judge about the safety of the patient? Board certification.

Make sure your surgeon is board-certified. Make sure that he operates in an accredited surgery center, that all the element of taking care of you and safety are in the office, so in the event that something, God forbid, happens, he’ll be able to handle it. Obviously, the experience of the surgeon is a critical element in the ability to deliver a good result, because the more the surgeon operates, the more surgery he performs, and the better he becomes. Make sure that the result that he presents in the photo gallery are the result that you’re looking for.

When you meet with the surgeon, make sure that you meet a person who is passionate about you, that want to make you happy, that want to bring a big change in your life that you are looking for: increase your confidence, increase your self-esteem. For women, increase your sense of femininity, and for men, increase a sense of masculinity.
What sets me apart is my passion for the surgery, my experience, my ability to listen to the patient and deliver to the patient exactly what they are looking for. That’s where the photo gallery is very important because if you look at the picture, you will see if I’m able to deliver the results. When the patient meets with me, it is critical that communication is clear. What exactly is troubling them, if their surgeon is able to deliver.

For me, beauty means that the patient looks natural, that the element of balance and harmony and proportionality are being achieved. Because if any of those elements is exaggerated or not there, the beauty would not be there. One other thing that I always talk to about my patients is about the eyebrow test. If the eyebrow is going up when someone looks at you, something is wrong. If somebody looks at you and the eyebrows stay where they are, that means that they like what they see and it’s acceptable.

In my practice, when one looks at my patient, the eyebrows stay where they belong because they have a natural look. Many of my patients tell me that nobody knows what procedure they had done, they just notice that something is different, something has changed, but they cannot pinpoint the procedure that was done. For me, that’s the goal. One of the best things about being a plastic surgeon is making patients happy. When the patient comes in the office and she’s all smiling and she hugs me and kisses me, for me, that’s the most exciting part of my profession, because I’ve been doing it for so many years and I’ve done so many surgeries, thousands. I have over 10,000 patients. For me, doing the procedure is basically a routine. What’s not routine is the patient’s reaction. That’s always different.

Every patient is different, and so when they are happy and when they are excited, and when I help them to achieve their goals, that brings a lot of satisfaction. I have one patient that I operated very young age, I did the breast augmentation on her, because she had no confidence, didn’t go to the gym, and was hiding. She came to visit me after the procedure, a few years after the procedure when she was in college, and she thanked me for the tremendous impact that I had on her life. So for me, at this stage of my life, that’s the satisfaction and reward that I’m getting from surgery.



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