Dr. Widder performs a breast augmentation

Dr. Widder: This patient is a 28 years old, young female. She had a tummy tuck before, it was very hard to resolve. And now she’s down for a breast augmentation. The plan is to give her 34, full C cup implants. So we’re using the 425 cc saline implant. We’re going to fill up to 450 or 475. So I use in all my patients the sub-areolar incision. This is a much better technique than the sub-mammary crease, which is over here because the scar here is much nicer for the skin is thinner. Also, it’s hidden by the natural color difference between the skin and the areola. But the most important thing, that it allows me to reach the cleavage area and give a nice and predictable cleavage whereas the incision here is too far. Also, there are big blood vessels over here in the cleavage area, which I can control very easily through that incision. Whereas from here, from the sub-mammary incision, it’s too far to control and the doctors are afraid to dissect the area. And so if you look at the before and after picture of that doctor you will see that they have a wide cleavage. And the reason is that they don’t dissect the muscle to the midline. So now I’m dissecting through the lower pole of the breast, down to the muscle. And then I will free the muscle and create a pocket under the muscle.

So you can see how precise the recreation of the sub-mammary pole. Where I can see from above and it is very precise.


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