How I Fell in Love with Fillers

woman receiving lip injections

If you haven’t added filler treatments to your beauty routine, you may be missing out on some gorgeous results. 

For more on my experience with facial fillers and for general information on fillers near you, read below. 

How I Got Hooked

My experience with fillers started when I realized that my usual skincare and beauty regimen seemed to have stopped giving me the results I wanted. 

As I got older, I saw that the areas of my face which were once full and plump, had begun to become more hollow and droopy. 

So, I spoke to my favorite doctor about facial fillers and injectable treatments. 

How Fillers Work

There are many filler options that I spoke with my doctor about. 

However, the most popular filler treatments are generally made of an ingredient called hyaluronic acid. 

The hyaluronic acid filler is able to be injected in popular areas such as the lips, or cheeks, folds, jowls, marionettes, laugh lines, and forehead in order to provide a boost of volume under the skin.

Sticker Shock

While I have to admit, that first visit with my doctor where I was injected with fillers and toxin came with a price tag I wasn’t necessarily used to. 

However, over the coming days, weeks and months, my confidence soared and I quickly saw that the cost of these treatments was totally worth the results. 

I received countless compliments from friends, strangers, coworkers and family members over my “younger” look, with many even asking me if I had lost weight or commented that I look less tired. 

I soon realized that the boost that I received from my filler treatments even eliminated the need for some of the expensive lip plumping glosses and makeup I had relied on for years. 

In fact, I began to wear less makeup in general, I felt beautiful with just the skin I was in. 

Plus, the relief of knowing that fillers are temporary are a comfort in the ever changing standards of the beauty industry. 

Why I Love Fillers

For me, fillers have given me the boost I need to put myself out there more. 

Whether it be in a big presentation at work, or on a hot date, I feel more beautiful and confident because of my amazing filler treatments with Dr. Widder. 

Fillers have completely changed my beauty routine and I can’t recommend them more. 

Fillers Near Me

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Widder for your filler treatment, call today to schedule a consultation! (703) 584-7258.