Breast Augmentation: 5 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Surgery

Breast augmentation has become a massively popular procedure, with over 300,000 performed in the United States in the year 2019 alone. This widespread notoriety is likely due to its ability to increase the breast’s aesthetic appearance, accentuate your natural feminine curves, boost your self-confidence, and improve your quality of life. 

If you’ve decided that breast augmentation may be in your future, here are 5 questions to ask your plastic surgeon before surgery.

1. What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

As briefly touched upon, a breast augmentation can improve the breast’s fullness, provide a more aesthetic cleavage, a more conducive shape, and create harmony in the balance of breast and hip proportionality. By asking your surgeon this question, they will be able to identify exactly what benefits you are searching for with your breast augmentation and help you reach a decision that works best for you.

2. Am I A Suitable Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

This is an incredibly important question to discuss with your surgeon, as it will provide you with an understanding of the procedure and your body. Women who are healthy, at a stable body weight, and are non-smokers are generally excellent candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Additionally, women who are not satisfied with the proportions of their breasts’ size, shape, firmness, or symmetry are also good candidates for this surgery.

In the case that you are not a good candidate for this surgery, your surgeon can discuss other options for you (breast lift, breast augmentation with lift, breast reduction, etc.) or how best to prepare you for this surgery at a later time.

3. How Is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

Because every surgeon performs the operation differently, this question helps provide you with an understanding of how your surgeon works to ensure that you’re safe, that your aesthetics goals will be met, that minimal scarring with be left, and that their technique is one that you trust. 

4. What to Expect During Post-Op? 

After you’ve woken from your procedure, you will be able to return to the comfort of your home. You may experience some discomfort and swelling for the first several days that can be managed with pain medication and following any and all post-surgical instructions that are given to you.

To heal properly, rest is of the utmost importance. It is generally advisable not to exercise in the first 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Also, keep in mind that it takes 3 to 4 months for swelling to completely go down and for your breasts to settle into their final position.

5. How Can You Best Prepare for You Breast Augmentation?

Your surgeons should concern themself with your safety at all times. By asking how you can best prepare for your breast augmentation, you are setting yourself up for a complication-free procedure and easy recovery time.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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