Belly Button Bleeding After Tummy Tuck

Q: Belly button bleeding after drainage taking off. I’m only a week post-operation (tummy tuck). They took my drainage off this Wednesday because the drainage slowed. But today I noticed my belly button bleeding. Is this normal?! My surgeon’s office isn’t open on weekends. What should I do?

Posting a front pictures of your abdomen would have been helpful. Your best mode of action would be to contact your surgeon directly, either by phone (I give my cell phone number to all my patients to contact me in case of situations like yours), or through an answering service.

Most likely, it is unrelated to the drain removal. It is probably a result of stitch granuloma, which can be treated with:

  • hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab, with

  • Bacitracin ointment and gauze,

  • twice a day

Until you can visit the office. However, it will be most prudent to discuss it with your surgeon.