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All You Need to Know About Tummy Tucks for Men

Tummy tuck surgery offers patients a way to slim and tone their abdominal areas while also strengthening the muscles and improving posture as well as the overall appearance of the mid-section. 

Weight gain, aging, and other factors can get in the way of the toned look you want, but a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can help to correct much of this damage. If you’re one of the many men interested in losing some of the stubborn stomach fat with a tummy tuck, here’s everything you need to know about this popular procedure.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck surgeries are very versatile, meaning they can be customized to suit the individual patient’s needs. During the procedure, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from the abdomen surgically. Before this step, the abdominal muscle fascia, or connective tissue layer covering the muscles, is tightened to help create a more toned look to the abdomen. Loose skin that weight fluctuations have distorted is removed entirely, leaving you with a smooth, toned midsection.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

A toned, flat stomach can be an invaluable boost to your self-confidence and overall sense of masculinity. Perhaps right now, you don’t have the self-confidence to remove your shirt in public due to loose skin. Or you’re growing increasingly frustrated with spending hours at the gym and seeing no results. Tummy Tuck surgery is a convenient method to help you reach your goals so you can go on living your absolute best life.

In addition to being a confidence booster, a tummy tuck can also have health benefits, including better posture, weight loss, back support, and better quality of life.

Male Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Any adult patient with concerns about the tone of their abdomen can be considered a candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. Most patients should be in good health with stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin around the abdomen and most likely loose abdominal muscles that will not respond to diet and exercise alone. It’s also encouraged that good candidates be non-smokers, exercise regularly, and have realistic expectations for their results.

Preparing For Tummy Tuck Surgery

As you prepare for your tummy tuck procedure, it’s essential to consider the recovery process. This might include putting off some plans, stopping physical activities, amongst other commitments while you heal. You can prepare yourself by telling close friends and family about your surgery so that they can make arrangements to help you. Prepare for time away from work, as you will likely need to miss a few weeks to recover, if your work is physical. For desk work, you will need 7-10 days off. Plan ahead and take care of all household chores, errands, or projects that need to be completed so you can focus all of your attention of resting.

Tummy Tuck in Washington D.C

To prepare for a successful tummy tuck surgery and recovery, you must have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to get all of the information you need. With over 30 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Shlomo Widder has conducted countless successful tummy tuck surgeries on both men and women. With this extensive knowledge, he can help you plan your procedure and help ensure that you have the best results.

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