5 Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Due to the stress of everyday life, hormones, sun exposure, and gravity, the signs of aging can start to become noticeable on our faces as early as our mid-twenties. 

Fortunately, dermal fillers can significantly smooth wrinkles, texture, fine lines, and volume loss in a 15-minute session with a board-certified plastic surgeon! There’s a reason why this treatment is being sought after and used by celebrities, CEOs, busy urban homemakers, and so many other types of people. 

Northern Virginia based plastic surgeon Dr. Shlomo Widder uses his 30 plus years of experience in the cosmetic industry to help his patients look and feel their absolute best. Dr. Widder’s main priority is his patient’s safety and personal goals. He can use dermal fillers to treat specific blemishes such as acne scars, sunken eyelids, fine lines, wrinkles, and lost volume, or even incorporate them into a liquid facelift for those looking for facial rejuvenation without surgery.

Here are five benefits to dermal fillers with Dr. Widder:

1.  Immediate Results

Immediately after your filler injections, the improvements to your facial contours become visible. As soon as the dermal fillers are injected into the targeted areas, the hyaluronic gel substance immediately begins to add volume and smooths out wrinkles that are creasing your skin. As the filler settles, the full effects become even more noticeable in a matter of days.

2. No Recovery Time

Depending on the number of injections you and Dr. Widder settle on, a dermal filler appointment can be as quick as 15-minutes. This non-invasive procedure also doesn’t require you to take any time off work because there is no surgery, anesthesia, or sutures involved, which means no post-operative aftercare to worry about. You can resume your normal activities immediately after. You can even go directly back to work.

3. Minimal Risk

The risks associated with dermal fillers are generally very minimal and usually include redness, swelling, and mild bruising around the injection sites. These side effects typically go away over a few days and can be remedied with makeup and cold compressions. Another risk is facial asymmetry, where one side of the face might appear slightly different than the other. This risk is closely tied to the experience and expertise of the doctor. That’s why it is so important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon that is trained and experienced in the art of dermal fillers like Dr. Widder.

4. Beautiful, Long-Lasting Results

The length of your results depends on the type of dermal filler used, the area treated, and how well the patient cares for their skin between treatments. Dr. Widder uses natural dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid, a protein found naturally inside of the body. Fillers generally last from 6 to 12 months.

5. Boost Your Confidence

Dermal fillers are not only great at improving your appearance, but they can also improve your self-confidence. It’s proven that when we look our best, we also feel our best. With dermal fillers, your skin will be smoother, and your facial contours will be sharper. You can achieve remarkable, natural results when your fillers are injected with the skilled hands of an experienced plastic surgeon.

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