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While deciding on the best plastic surgeon to fit your cosmetic procedure needs can be challenging, we believe that the personalized care, professionalism, and surgical skills that Dr. Shlomo Widder exhibits can be best perceived through his patient reviews. Our Vienna, VA board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Widder, is proud to be known as one of “Northern Virginia‚Äôs Top Plastic Surgeons” because of his tailored approach and his dependability in achieving consistently stunning results. We are honored to share the significant praises of his patient feedback from Widder Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center with you so that your search for the right surgeon can be made easier.

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Review from E.G.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 30, 2017

Dr. Widder performed an amazing augmentation mammoplasty on me months ago. Afterwards, I wished I had followed his advice regarding implant size. So consequently, I recently had the recommended size implants inserted plus a tummy tuck. After only two weeks post-op., I am amazed at the results of both. I'm thrilled beyond belief and so impressed with Dr. Widder's skills and ability to refine and sculpt with such beautiful aesthetic results. More

Review from E.G.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 1, 2017

I had an amazing experience, once again, with Dr.Widder! I couldn't be happier. The staff is professional and very kind. They were knowledgeable and helpful with every question and inquiry I had. I called Dr. Widder a few times before my surgery for reassurance. He called me back every single time and made me feel very comfortable. I felt that I was given one on one care with Dr. Widder, which you don't receive anymore. I had breast augmentation surgery 17 years ago by Dr.Widder and it was the best surgery I had experienced. Almost no pain. I was good to go in one day. This surgery went the same. I had met with other doctors but didn't feel the same confidence I felt with him. He has incredible knowledge and experience! Thank you Dr. Widder and your amazing staff!! More

Review from W.A.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Aug 7, 2016

I would definately recommend getting work done here. My procedure was exactly what I anticipated!!! Thank you to the whole staff!!! More

Review from B.A.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 19, 2016

I did my lip injections with him. He's amazing! He's an honest Doctor and will tell you what will look best and is right. So happpppy and his staff is so kind. More

Review from D.L.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 23, 2015

Dr. Widder was very professional and I feel like a new me. His staff is friendly and overall it was a great experience! More

Review from T.P.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 20, 2015

Almost 1 month post op. I feel great! It was painful but everyday gets better and better. I am attaching my most recent photos. I've had major improvements! I have lost 13lbs and have gone down from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6. Thank you for my new body and new found confidence! More

Review from A.H.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Aug 23, 2015

I have had several surgeries with Dr. Wider and feel that he is the finest cosmetic surgeon in the region. People in his waiting room come from over seas because he is so good. He is particularly good at tummy tucks and breast augmentation. My work was done more than 15 years ago and other doctors and mammography technicians still tell me that the work I had done is the best they have ever seen. In fact the mammography technicians have actually had me write down his name. I have sent a handful of others to him and they have all been thrilled. He is an artist who knows his craft. If he tells you to do a procedure HIS way, then do yourself a favor and do what he advises. After all, that's what you are paying for. I am 54 and my breasts still look better than anyone's my age, and usually even those 20 years younger. My stomach is still rock hard. More

Review from B.A.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Aug 21, 2015

I went to Dr. Widder recently for chin implant. He was very nice and very professional, he looked at me and told me immediately what is the right chin implant size I should have. I was shocked by the results of the surgery, he did a marvelous job that exceeded my expectations and went far away.Long story short, I didn't imagine that I'm going to have such a wonderful and manly chin after the surgery, in fact, I look in the mirror to check it out every 15 minutes and still shocked by the huge improvements it has on the entire profile of my face.Thank you very much Dr. Widder. More

Review from C.K.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 30, 2015

Dr.Widder is the best! He is always available for me whenever I need him. I've called him late at night and he answers all off my silly questions and makes me feel at ease. At the end off every call or follow up appointment he always says " I'm always available for you whenever you need me". He's a very caring doctor! I had a tummy tuck, muscle repair, and hernia repair. Im so happy with my results and if I had to I would do it get again! More

Review from L.R.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Feb 22, 2015

Dr. Widder is an excellent doctor. He answers all and any questions and gives an honest opinion. It is obvious to me, the daughter of a doctor (I don't think I ever mentioned it to them), this doctor loves his work.I went in for some moles removals from my face. Dermatologists wouldn't touch them, saying they'd butcher me. It has only been a short time, but it is clear my face will be completely scar-less. I am also one of those people who can feel every everything. He was extremely gentle. His staff is very attentive and friendly, and as nice a staff as any I've met. Dr.Widder indeed has magic in his hands. I would highly recommend him, and have already to co-workers asking re my face. More

Review from S.R.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jun 10, 2014

Doctor Widder is amazing! He did a great job with my breast implants. He did the other women in my family, making me number 5. He did a great job on all five of us. His staff was great and friendly. It was worth every penny! He truly cares about his patients and wants them to be happy. I absolutely recommend him! More

Review from T.F.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 18, 2014

Had breast augmentation with Dr. Widder in February. Very easy to schedule appointments and see the doctor. Staff is friendly. Booked earlier than I thought possible since the price was lower than I imagined it would be. Very happy with my results. Dr. Widder has a lot of experience and made me feel very comfortable. I was confident that I would be happy with my results here. More

Review from M.N.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Feb 11, 2013

I'm a patient of dr widder.... I have butt in-plaint of my self esteem is very high now he is a wonderful dr... More

Review from E.V.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 7, 2012

My name is Elissa I had a good experience with doctor widder I never has a surgery before ... But this first time was great they are very warm n really friendly . At the moment of the surgery I wasn't nervious cause of them .. Now the result was execellent .. I can referred dr widder .. Now I'm ready for the nex one ... Thank dr widder !! More

Review from V.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 30, 2011

Dr Widder is the best thing since sliced bread!! He came highly recommened and I wish I'd met him before the botched breast augmentation I had in 2007. I consulted with 4 surgeons before I met with Dr Widder and they all told me the results I wanted were unattainable. Not only did Dr Widder deliver results other surgeons told me were unattainable he far exceeded my expectations!! He did an incredible job with my revision surgery and I am EXTREMELY happy with the outcome. More

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